Violent Hippie

Newest addition to the Patch Squad family, Violent Hippie is a character that came about for a few different reasons. He is a good dude that minds his own business and doesn't belong to no specific side or party. He drinks, smokes, has lots of sex and doesn't give a f*ck what you think of him. Loves his guns and knows his rights but doesn't have clue what Molon Labe means and if you try to put his 2nd amendment knowledge to test please do it at your own risk.

Skyler Collection

Skyler is the first Patch Squad proprietary character that came to life early 2017. The first of four series was the Silent Assassin that became one of our top seller in the first week of its release. This journal is a new addition to Skyler's collection. You can find it under the Kool Shit tab along with buch of other kool shit.