Our team behind the scene:


Director of Awesomeness, was born with a manbun.


The Real Boss, loves dogs, wine, coffee and has a mean armbar.


Captain Mayhem, reason behind all creative ideas and most fucked up orders.

Poco, JJ, Torry

The 3 Party, responssible for any missing, messed up stichings or pee stains on products.

Our journey started back in 2015 with a BS idea, we took it and ran with it. We made lots of mistakes and wasted a ton of time and money along the way, however in our humble opinion if we could go back in time we wouldn't change shit. I guess you can call us a "Shit Creek Survivor". It's our journey that makes us who we are today and without it, there wouldn't be a company. Anyways enough with emotional crap and more about what we do. It always starts with a crazy idea that gets brainstormed and modified over time and eventually turns into a kool little product that makes our customers giggle, I guess our specialty is not the product itself but the ideas and stories behind them. Our ultimate goal is to influence as many as we can and make a difference in this world through our loyal following. We have the best job in the entire plant and the kudos go out to the loyalty of all patch whores out there sticking by our side, WE LOVE YOU.


Patch Squad Family

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